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June 24, 2017
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An outpouring of love

Jake Chalfin Chasin’ for Chalfin was established in the fall of 2010 in support of Jake Chalfin, a steeplechase jockey who was paralyzed in a fall on September 18th 2010 at the Blue Ridge Point to Point Races. Realizing the immediate financial ramifications of this tragedy, Jake’s friends and family banded together to create a fundraising committee and a medical trust. While Jake does have standard insurance, his coverage falls severely short of the care needs for injuries as catastrophic and permanent as paralysis.

Initial fundraising efforts financed the renovation of Jake’s house to accommodate wheel chair access upon his return home. Later when Jake was released from the hospital, the trust funded several alternative therapy programs, along with the 24 hour personal care that was required for his condition. Two years later, as Jake has worked hard to adapt and rebuild his life and independence, he has reduced his personal care requirements down to just a few hours a day and has been in general good health.

Jake is determined to continue to improve his independence and still needs your help in this pursuit. One of Jake’s main focuses is strengthening and rebuilding his body. He knows that the stronger and healthier he becomes the more independent he will be. Jake dreams of a day when he will once again be completely self-sufficient. To this end Jake works out 3 days a week at Mitch's Market Street Gym in West Chester with his personal trainer, Doug Slabach and rides his handcycle on alternating days and seeks out other specialized methods of therapy. Jake still feels disconnected from nature and the great outdoors where his heart truly lives. Included in his health and fitness goals is finding new ways of getting back to nature through outdoor recreational sports. This winter Jake hopes to take on the new challenge of adaptive “sit-skiing.” He also remains a huge supporter and fan of steeplechase racing and is becoming more involved in the stewards program of the National Steeplechase Association.

Jake is also fortunate enough to have retained his job in sales as he can perform most of his work from home. After missing six months he returned to his job, which was held open for him by his very supportive company. Jake loves his job and is grateful for the ability to cover his "regular" household expenses. Realizing how close he came to losing even more functionality, he is particularly appreciative to be a contributing member of the workforce.

Jake never wants to give up on the big goal. Recovering the use of his bodily functions and legs remains paramount. However, full recovery seems to be solely reliant on the development of a stem cell cure. While progress has been made in this field, Jake believes that the applicable technology is still between 10-50 years away. This goal is all the more reason for him to keep his body as healthy and strong as possible for when a legitimate stem cell procedure becomes available.

Meanwhile ChasinforChalfin will continue to periodically hold fundraisers, and donations are always welcome. It is CFC's goal to make every event a fun first class experience. Please keep checking the website for updates and we look forward to seeing you at our next function.

What a way to start 2017 off!
Jake takes on Advocacy!

Jake and his wife Kate have joined a team of advocates called "PA for the Cure" to raise awareness and funding for research of curative treatments for paralysis. For decades the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) community has been told that treatments were just around the corner, but sadly it has mostly been false hope. With a healthy amount of circumspect it is now believed that advances in neuroscience providing potential treatments for paralysis from SCI are finally getting to a functional level of implementation. After reading about the many exciting advancements in SCI research over the last several years, Jake and Kate decided they could no longer sit by the sidelines waiting for a cure!

They began their advocacy efforts after reading a book titled "Don't Call it a Miracle" that pointed out several ways they could help to move the finish line closer for SCI treatments. It's important to understand curative treatments are not just about helping paralyzed men and women walk again; they are about saving lives cut much too short due to the impact of losing not just voluntary movements, but sensation and involuntary actions, which cause health issues that take years away from SCI survivors.

PA for the Cure is currently working to pass Senate Bill 31, the Spinal Cord Disability Research Grant Bill. This bill would initiate state funding in Pennsylvania through a competitive grant program for research into SCI, specifically conducting research into new and innovative treatments and rehabilitative efforts for the functional improvement of people with spinal cord injuries. This model reflects state programs that are funding SCI research in 12 other states.

To find out more about the bill Jake and Kate are working to pass, sign their petition, discover upcoming events and find other ways you can support the bill, please visit

Donations made to this page will continue to go towards Jake's ongoing medical expenses. If you would like to contribute to the advocacy efforts, please consider donating to Unite2Fight Paralysis, who have been supporting Jake and Kate in their advocacy efforts.

Jake with John Street 2010

Forever in our hearts John Phillips Street----1946-12/24/2013.
One of the the founding members of the fundraising efforts for Chasin for Chalfin.

Donations are still being accepted to contribute to Jake's medical care. A Paypal account has been set up to hopefully make it easier to contribute to Jake's Trust. All the fundraising and donations go to paying for his medical care. You can make a donation thru PayPal by simply clicking on the donate button: